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Andrew Robson, world champion player, teacher and columnist, offers an insider's guide to the game of bridge for more experienced players. This filename was submitted by an external advertiser. As an access provider we do not assume responsibility for the availability of this file in the Usenet.

Open Web Book Archive. DMCA Contact. Bridge Open Web Book Archive. Filarski, F. Goudsmit Pages: Size: Instructional material. Ann Bridge has woven a web of intrigue Bridge is different in that it Haskell Educators and educational psychologists recognize transfer of learning as perhaps the most significant issue in all fields of instruction.

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Volledige speeltechniek by H. Team Trial by Allan Falk Bridge competition to win team trial. Pages: - Read Online Download. Transfer of Learning by Robert E. Those are a few options from which to choose.


I have a bias towards tubes. However, the solid-state pedals coming out these days are beyond belief. Black Arts Toneworks Black Forest. For the price I believe it is an absolutely incredible overdrive with a 6-channel selector switch to truly dial in your tone.

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If I were on a budget and wanted one seriously bad-ass overdrive that goes from clean to very mean, I would definitely buy the BAT Black Forest. Thank you for detailed answer I really appreciate it.!!! I did not make it clear in my first post, I am looking for an overdrive medium or heavy.

However, I am closer to plexidrive or Xotic sl drive. After purchasing the Echosex 2, I decided to give the Double Decker a try. I must say, the Gurus Double Decker floored me. The inclusion of the 12AX7 preamp tube in the drive made all the difference in the world. But it was night and day when I plugged in the Double Decker. The sounds I am able to coax from the Double Decker are astounding.

The tube obviously responds empathically to your picking style, which really was not the case with the Wampler or BuffaloFX pedals. I would say the has more headroom, more authentic amp sound and just has that tube mojo that cannot ever be achieved froma solid state pedal attempting to emulate an actual tube OD. And finally, you can record direct out to a DAW directly from the Gurus Double Decker and it even has an effects loop. An incredible design from Italy and I feel it is one of the best sounding Overdrives I have ever played. Can they be a Valuable Alternative to Tube Drivers?

Yes, well worth checking out. How would you stack a TD-X with the Evolution, and with which settings on each? My Evolution sounds a bit muddy by itself, and stacking it with the TD-X set for clean boost is not really better. So most of the time, I prefer to simply use a muff with a clean boost. Try using the Evolution alone and if you need to stack it, try using a cleaner booster. Hi Bjorn, thanks for your help.

I tried a few tweaks on other pedals, without changing settings on the amp and its OK now. I think there were multiple factors affecting the tone coming from the Evolution: So a few tweaks on the tone controls of the repeats coming from the delay can also greatly affects the final tone. So I think my main issues were weather changes and settings on the delays.

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I have now found the tone that my Evolution had when I originally received it! And by the way, I ordered a few new toys recently, based on your reviews and my never-ending tone quest haha! The Boonar can do everything I need from a delay, from slapback to wall of cascaded delays, perfect for playing Hank Marvin, Mark Knopfler and David Gilmour stuff. So if the components are more reliable than other EHX pedals, this is a killer choice for a Muff pedal at any budget.

But now I really need a Custom pedalboard and switcher, as there is too many stuff laying on the ground haha! Hi Bjorn, will the Wampler PlexiDrive sound ok at lower amp volume levels? Phenomenal information and loving attention to details in this article, Bjorn! Or perhaps I should go the other way around and use the TS-9 for my always on character and target another specific pedal for my extra raunch…thoughts? Guided By Voices, Pavement, etc. The BD2 should be a good choice for the amp. It has a very nice headroom and clean boost, with just a hint of mid range and compression. It goes very well with the TS as well.

Basic Bridge Responses

Hi Bjorn, I own a 30 Watt Engl tube amp which has a warm and present mid range and also a lot of headroom. The Evolution is no doubt the most versatile of these and I think it will go nicely with the amp as well. The V2 is similar, with a tad more gain. The M1 is a Muff and I think it can sound a bit too aggressive on your amp. Hey Bjorn, Excellent site! Your site has been an excellent source of info! Now to pick your brain. I currently have the below listed pedal setup. Extensive I know, what would be your recommendations for pedal order, additional pedals etc.

Sorry for my late reply. I prefer having UniVibes and phasers in front of the gain pedals, so you might want to try that as well. Hey Bjorn, Thanks for the reply! What is your opinion of adding a Wampler Plexi and a Triple wreck for the Boogie tones? Please check out the Big Muff tone guide for some tips.

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I already have a RAT-style pedal for solos. I was thinking BD-2 or Keeley for light overdrive and something with a little bit of a midrange bump for rhythm as I typically run my mids a little under halfway the Soul Food seems a little dull but the Wampler looks to be amazing. Still, with more or less the same gain range they do cover much of the same ground. Keep in mind too that The Hiwatt has a lot of mid range so adding a clon on top of that might get a bit too much.

The BD2 and something similar would be a better combo for that amp I think. Still a lot of mid range and compression but with the right settings it sounds pretty good with a Hiwatt. On a semi-related note, what would your recommendation be for good pedal stacking combinations through the HiWatt?

If so, which of the pedals mentioned in this article would you compare it to? It depends on your amp and how well it works with fuzz pedals. The Super Hard On has a massive amount of gain so I guess a Muff would be the best choice or perhaps a BC fuzz, which has some of that raw edgy tone. I currently have a 10w Allen amp, which is loosely based on a Fender Blackface amp but can get into tweed country as well.

Both, I guess but the Tree of Life works perfectly with Fender amps adding a bit of the mid range and compression you need.

The Diamond Lil System

Extremely informative and useful. I was curious to see if you had any experience with the Dumbloid? Looking for a well rounded mix of tones. These are not ALL on my board obviosly, just available! Please read through this article for some tips on how to categorize pedals: Is 2 set to give more gain? Would it be before Muff? The Keeley-modded BD-2 seems like the ticket.

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  5. The BD2 has more sparkle and less compression, while the TDX is slightly darker and smoother with a hint more mid range. The BD2 is better at boosting IMO while the TDX works better as a stand alone pedal but unless you want two similar sounding pedals with different settings for different applications, then it might be redundant with both. Anyway, which of the following pedals do you think would best serve my needs: I was thinking of cranking up the amp while using the pedal similar to an attenuator amp volume up, pedal volume fairly low to get creamy distortions at relatively lower volume levels.

    Care to share your thoughts?