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There is a long, long history of older men bedding and marrying young girls. It happens to this day. I'm not saying it is right, but from an evolutionary perspective, a older man impregnating a year-old makes reproductive sense.

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Not common sense, but reproductive sense. But I cannot believe a woman would really have any interest in a teenage boy. What is even remotely appealing about a teenage boy? Are they more pliable and easily manipulated than a year-old man? I'm sure this has to be part of it.

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When I was teaching, there were these two 8th graders who would come to my room to chat after school sometimes. One I had taught when he was in 6th grade, and the other I had taught during summer school. Nice kids, but perhaps 2 of the biggest doofusses or is it doofusi? I could tolerate a 3-minute visit from them before the sheer stupidity of their conversation melted parts of my brain.

Why would a woman want to subject herself to this kind of conversation on a regular, intimate basis? And there is nothing appealing about the "boy" look. This is one of the reasons I don't like Leonardo DiCaprio in most of his movies because he looks too much like a child. The only movie I really found him attractive in was Gangs of New York because he looked more manly, more gruff.

Older than 14 years old. Ok, by blogging about this I'm giving myself the willies so I better sign off, but the article really confounded me. Even more than the economy right now, and that is pretty hard to do. Friday, December 5, How have we kept it together? I asked D the other night if I am hard to live with, and he gave me "the look," which means, "Why do you ask me questions that you know you don't really want the answers to? Last Sunday, I was way irritated and irritating, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why.

I had just had a period, so I knew hormones weren't to blame. And when D is home too many days in a row, I start to go bonkers for a number of reasons. First, when he is home too long, it really interferes with my stay-at-home routine. If he sleeps in, I feel like I shouldn't vacuum or drag the kids upstairs so I can clean the bathrooms Which brings me to point 2. When he is off work for many days in a row, I get to be reminded for many days in a row that I never get a day off. I get to cook, clean, and tend to the kids every single day without a break. I don't get to leave my workplace because my home is my workplace.

Yes, it is my choice to stay home, but it kinda makes one a bit pissy to see the hubs dorking around while I am folding laundry or sweeping 8 tons of glitter off the floor.

Thirdly, after a number of days off D starts to get a little bored, so he paces. He kinda wanders aimlessly around the house, mostly in the kitchen, where I usually am. Or taking the laundry out of the dryer? Or do the dishes sitting in the sink? He can wrap his head around engineering stuff that I couldn't understand in a million years. But he is not so good with things household related, and by this I mean, cooking, cleaning, dusting, straightening, folding, sorting, hanging, etc. Don't misunderstand--he is a very neat man.


His clothes land in the hamper; he hangs things up. But the subtleties of household maintenance are beyond him. And he is not alone in this. I can't tell you the number of times my mother has told me how my dad would always ask, "Is there anything I can do? She felt like saying to him, "Man, open your eyes! Do you not see all the stuff there is around here that needs doing! And the reason I pray this is because if I die, he and the children will sucuumb soon after due to starvation or suffocation from the plague of dust bunnies that will take over the house. I told D that I was blogging about him being off work 4 days in a row, and he reminded me that he will have from Dec 25 to Jan 1 off.

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Wednesday, December 3, Would this be wrong? I mean tacky.

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I am increasingly getting into buying gently used items and selling our gently used items. Aside from the expense, I just feel a certain moral imperative to try to reduce the amount of new things we purchase, thereby hopefully resulting in less waste of resources. For the most part, I buy the kids' clothes at consignment sales. We bought N's bike this summer second hand from Schwinn. My birthday purchases were at Plato's Closet for jeans how wonderful And a number of the kids' Christmas presents are in their second lifetimes.

Now, my dilemma well, that is exaggerating; let's call it a slight concern : I really love Half-Price Books, a store that sells gently used or brand new overstock books. You generally can't find the bestsellers there, but I am always able to find something that I want to read. And it is an awesome place to buy kids' books. And they have bookcases packed with clearance books Heck, even if we only read it once or twice, it is well worth a quarter. But I wonder if they would be insulted if I get them a gift card to what is essentially a book consignment store?

When I was a teacher, I was thrilled to get gift cards to anywhere. There are only so many "Best Teacher" ornaments and tchotchkes a person can have without having to rent storage space. And her dance teacher is young, like I thought about a gift card to McDonald's, but I don't really want to encourage unhealthy eating.

And I thought about just giving her cash, but I kinda want to support the economy. So, faithful or unfaithful readers, what do ya think? Tuesday, December 2, Full of holes. Well, G is, at least.

Strippers And Stockings (Ed The Elf #1)

This morning he had bilateral tubes put in to hopefully reduce or if we're super lucky eliminate his chronic ear infections. As friends had warned, he was absolutely out of it upon returning to us from the recovery room, but after a nap at home, he was ready to eat and play for a bit. He is napping again as I type this. The doctor said G did have fluid in his ears, but no infection.

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Of course, as far as I'm concerned, it was only a matter of time before another round of antibiotics. G started sounding congested yesterday, so I wasn't at all surprised to hear there was gunk in there. While I didn't white knuckle it during the surgery or in the last few days, I did sleep horribly last night, even with half a Unisom.

See a Problem?

I dreamed that D, N and I took G up to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital I honestly don't even know if there is such a place, but that's where we were in my dream. And we were having to go into all these different rooms, down long corridors, even getting back in our car to drive to another building in an attempt to register G.

There were huge long lines of parents with their children, waiting for the next available surgery window. N was bored and acting out, nearly getting hit by a car at one point when she jumped out of our car. Suffice it to say, I was unconsciously worried about today.