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The thirty years after the Second World War, from to les 30 glorieuses , as the French call it , were a period in which it was felt we were moving towards that goal; our situation since the s is one where there is a general sense that we are sliding away from it. The complexification of contemporary government, along with a host of other factors, has contributed to a greater opacity surrounding democratic rule, and this in turn has led to a drop in felt citizen efficacy.

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Such a flagship issue was the Jacksonian demand to do away with the Hamiltonian state bank. But the last heyday of such issue alignment was the 30 glorieuses , where the demands of social democracy—full employment, some degree of state economic planning, and the welfare state—were central, and Left and Right polarized on them.

But such an alignment of issues that most people cared about on one side or the other has long since gone. Other questions, lying athwart these, have been raised by new social movements—feminism, gay rights, ecological sanity, etc.

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All of this undermines felt citizen efficacy. This leads to a falling-off of confidence in the representative system, which in turn is reflected by a decline in voter participation since the 30 glorieuses. This has set in motion various vicious circles of decline. I want to enumerate the salient ones. This has been worsened by 2 a rise in inequality, the gap between rich and poor, which declined between the Gilded Age and the 30 glorieuses , and then began to draw apart again at an ever-accelerating rate. This increases the sense among nonelites that they have no real say in the system, lowering the vote further.

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  5. Then 3 frustration takes the form of action altogether outside the representative system: protest movements, Occupy, etc. These are often without effect, precisely because they have no impact on the vote Occupy Wall Street ; or they propose to step outside the system altogether 5-Star in Italy.

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    This we see virtually everywhere today in Western democracies. They can only divide the demos, defined as the ensemble of disadvantaged nonelites. This is paradoxical, because electorates in the West are, by formal criteria, better educated than ever before. They can thus be vulnerable to savior figures who promise to restore how is never specified a better past. As a result, 6 the mythologies of neoliberalism benefit from the dumbing down of voters in Western societies.

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    Why drain energy away from the daily struggle against things like eviction, when political participation could never help? Linked in the downward spiral with the dumbing down are 7 developments in the media, each cause and effect of the other. A third development, the fragmentation of audiences that allows people to never encounter dissenting opinion, is related in a more complex way.

    All these spirals help reduce the sense of citizen efficacy. On top of all this, the problems we face and their potential remedies are running ahead of the consciousness of even the most plugged-in voters, apparent in two important respects:. First, the really big problems, especially global warming, require action on a time scale well beyond the present electoral cycle, which politicians understandably focus on; and second, the problems and remedies also extend in space: controlling big multinationals, closing tax loopholes, and the like, require action on an international scale.

    Basically, contemporary right-wing populism succeeds by weaving together two forces: a sense of identity threat among majorities directed against ethnic, cultural or religious minorities, or immigrants in general, which may often lie dormant beneath appeals for tolerance and openness; and a sense of grievance at growing inequality, or a loss of status, income, security in relation to the recent past. Many other factors determine how far this kind of appeal can transform the politics of a society, but two stand out: in conditions where the general sense of citizen efficacy is low, populism can flourish; but it also succeeds where the parties of the Left struggle in understanding and dealing with widespread senses of identity threat, and can only respond with condescending condemnation.

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    Charles Taylor , emeritus professor of philosophy at McGill University, is the recipient of the Berggruen Prize for as well as the recipient of the prestigious John W. Kluge, Templeton, and Kyoto prizes, among other honors.

    Throughout his career, Taylor has exemplified the crucial civic role played by university research, entwining his theoretical approaches with political participation in several domains: from the s, when Taylor ran in three federal elections in Mount Royal, to being part of the Quebec Consultation Commission on Accommodation Practices Related to Cultural Differences in The numerical value of slipping away in Pythagorean Numerology is: 8. It's been our goal to leave what we started out with for our kids. To see that gradually slipping away month after month, it takes its toll on you.

    There's still plenty of sense that we need to address the slipping away of the American dream with blue-collar America, we didn't do it in But we're not about to concede that or to give it up. Red Star coach Dejan Radonjic :. We are delighted to have treated our fans to such a splendid win against the defending European champions, i want to thank the supporters for lifting us at crunch time. The players also showed great character when the match seemed to be slipping away from us and in the end it was a morale-boosting performance.

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    Veena Indian. How to say slipping away in sign language? Numerology Chaldean Numerology The numerical value of slipping away in Chaldean Numerology is: 5 Pythagorean Numerology The numerical value of slipping away in Pythagorean Numerology is: 8. Examples of slipping away in a Sentence Janet Moore : It's been our goal to leave what we started out with for our kids.