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This tradition originated in the British House of Commons, and has been the practice in the U.

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House since at least the s the Oath Act of did not mandate it. The Speaker, in turn, administers the oath to the rest of the Members en masse.

The Speaker or Speaker Pro Tempore must swear in members who miss the mass swearing-in ceremony on the first day afterward; on rare occasions, the House has authorized other Members or local judges to swear-in absent Representatives. The current practice for swearing-in Members is an innovation of Speaker Nicholas Longworth of Ohio, who abandoned the practice of Members taking the oath by state delegations in While subsequent Speakers went back to the original method, in Speaker William B.

Bankhead chose to return to the en masse swearing-in and this has remained the practice.

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Since the 80th Congress — , Members have also been required to sign an oath, which is held by the Clerk of the House. Bickford, Charlene Bangs, Kenneth R. Bowling, Helen E. Veit, eds.

George Washington, oath of office

Volume X. Bickford, Charlene Bangs, Helen E. Legislative Histories. Volume VI. Chapter 2.

Oath of Office for President of the United States

Washington, D. This procedure item applies to:.

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Taking and Filing Oaths of Office I. State-operated Campuses The student member of the State University Board of Trustees and of each council at a state-operated campus are also required to take and file oaths of office.

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Oath of Office

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