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At times we have to say no to activities like watching TV or browsing the Internet. To recap the second essential element to real change: Redeem the time! Give up things that waste your time and dedicate as much time as possible to your relationship with God. Paul writes next in Ephesians 5 : 17 Ephesians 5 : 17 Why be you not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.

When we truly understand the will of the Lord, our daily lives are going to change.

Serving and pleasing God

Our overall outlook will be completely different when we know what God is doing with us and others. Have you ever thought about what it must be like to navigate a minefield? The first thing on entering a minefield is to properly scope out the situation—or, put another way, think before you act.

You have to look for signs of mines that are close by. They may not be obvious.

Something might look and feel right, but it might actually be a spiritual landmine. The third essential, then?

25 Inspirational Bible Quotes That Will Give Your Life New Meaning

Understand what God is doing in your life and what His incredible ultimate purpose is for you. Are you starting to see it? Are you starting to realize what His wonderful purpose is in your life?

God is calling you to understand His will and to recognize that His ultimate purpose is for you, me, and all humanity to be His divine children in His family for all eternity. Of course, knowing is one thing.

What is God’s purpose for your life?

Doing is another. Knowing your ultimate purpose and having God reveal His plan to you should change everything! You never lose in business either you win or you learn. Embrace with confidence that this time you will hire better, chose better partners, and succeed in your business endeavors. As believers, you will shine and no one and nothing can stop you from shining because the light of Christ is in you. Keep shining. In business, often you are plagued by consistent problems, we must change our thinking to see it an opportunity.

Often we are the problem, and we must be teachable.

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If you do wrong, that will follow you too. Be careful how you treat the people who work for you. Look to him on the toughest, loneliest days in your business. If we seek him, praise him and honor him as we make decisions in our businesses, he will make sure that we always have everything we need. As we serve our customers and employees, we must keep God first.

25 Best Inspirational Bible Quotes That Will Give Your Life New Meaning

Trust in the power of God. He will deliver you right on time. God really does dream bigger for you than you can imagine for yourself.

How to Apply the Bible to Your Life

As Christians, we should spend time dreaming and imagining our plans for the future, for our lives and our businesses. Know that through God we will achieve infinitely more than our greatest dreams. We must dream outrageous dreams deliberately. It is the only way God can know the desires of our heart and exceed them. LeoPatrizi Getty Images. Romans PeopleImages Getty Images.

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