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She started her musical career playing piano in most of the gulf coast clubs, by the time she became more famous as a blues artist. One of her most significant preforms was at the Florida Folk Festival and she also received the Folk Heritage Award in Ida Goodson died in but there still many people out there celebrating her musical career as a significant blues artist. She was married at the age of thirteen and suffered from an abusive relationship, that is why she escaped from her husband to start her life.

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Alberta Hunter was born in Memphis, Tennessee in , she started her career strongly by participating in the writing of the hit song Downhearted Blues to Bessie Smith. Alberta quite singing in the mids to become a nurse. Victoria was born in Houston, Texas in and she was a great blues singer, her most significant performance was in when she sang TB Blue. Victoria Spivey is a legend in blues music that will never fade away, she also quite singing in her mids to join the church.

In the 60s she recorded her last album after retirement with Coleman Hawkins Quintet which considered a treat for all classic blues lover, you can buy it from Amazon. She was born in and never liked to be defined as a blues singer, rather be known as a performer in many different styles. Though at the rest of her career she performed beside the stage, Salty Dog and the Creole jazz of Eh La Bas are from her best songs.

Uncensored History of the Blues

Gladys Bentley was one of her kind, while many female blues artists were accompanied by an orchestra in that period she used to perform on her own. Sara recorded many songs in the 20s like other female blues artists and she retired after the classic female blues era has ended to work as a home nurse. Bertha started her career as a dancer, but she quit it after a while to join the world of blues music and entered the club circuit with other great blues legends like Ethel Waters and Ma Rainey.

She recorded many songs for Okeh label and collaborated with other artists like Lonnie Johnson and Tampa Red. I'll bite any man in the back.

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Both songs end with the line and it feels like something of a conclusion about why difficult times are here. Wednesday, July 16, Show 66 - Biographical Mysteries. Her life been considered a mystery though her recordings with Geeshie Wiley have been greatly loved. Some assume that the name is a pure pseudonym. Mississippi Bottom Blues may tell something of his story. Experts disagree. My thought… probably not.

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  4. Decades of research from Gayle Dean Wardlow gave us his story. And I'm going way down Winden Lord, I'm gonna try to leave here today Tell 'em I believe I'll find my way and that train is just that way Gotta get on that train, I said I'd even broke my jaw Boys, if you out and running around in this world this train will wreck your mind, your life too Lord, I once was a hobo, I crossed many a point But I decided I'd go down the fog traveling light And take it as it comes I reckon you know the fireman and the engineer would too There are so many people have gone down today And this fast train north and southern traveling light and clear I wanna ride your train I said, "Look here, engineer, can I ride your train?

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    We know his names was James Simons and he played around Norfolk, but that's it. He was clearly an extraordinary talent coaxing all kinds of notes out of that little diatonic harp. Mean Low Blues , his jazz trumpet influenced instrumental recorded with an unidentified pianist shows his skills.

    Funny Paper Smith made some fantastic records, but we know virtually nothing about him. It's still debated if his nickname was "Funny Paper" or "Funny Papa. He was also known as the Howlin' Wolf. One report is that he was a Texan who was once arrested for murder. Friday, March 07, Show 65 - Snitcher's Blues. If you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does not support the audio element A few years back, the Stop Snitching movement received a lot of attention in the media with high profile rappers and athletes using songs and films to urge people not to cooperate with police investigating crimes.

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    Of course, disdain for snitchers was nothing new and there have always songs about the problems with snitchers. A hundred dollar fine, and do eleven twenty-nine Now look-a-here, judge, can't you hold up off of that fine? He said, go ahead on, nigger, that ain't no great long time Oh, don't I hate a snitcher worse than the good Lord hates the sin Now it's eighteen hundred and it's ninety-four The white people rolled me in the workhouse door It's eighteen hundred and it's ninety-five These people in this town don't do nothing but tell dirty lies Now it's eighteen hundred and it's ninety-six That's when the snitchers got all-all their little snitching work fixed It's nineteen-hundred and it's twenty-seven They snitch so bad they're trying to snitch their way into heaven It's nineteen-hundred and it's twenty-eight I left the snitchers standing at the workhouse gate Now, It's nineteen-hundred and it's twenty-nine I left all the snitching people way behind Oh, don't I hate a snitcher worse than the good Lord hates the sin James Stump Johnson recorded Snitchers Blues singing about losing his friends and the police and the snitches around St.

    Louis all by myself Mmmm,, St. Louis by myself Take me to Kirkwood, St. Rag Said do that rag Oh, rag Oh, rag Rag Said do that rag Says I wouldn't have thought my gal would treat me so Love another man stay at my back door Mind, mama, what you sow You got to reap just what you sow Oh, rag Rag, now Rag, baby Rag, mama Said do that rag Oh, rag Do it a long time Rag Said do that rag Now if you'll get you one woman, better get you two One for your buddy other one for you Got me a wife and a sweetheart too Wife don't love me, my sweetheart do Oh, rag Rag, baby Rag Rag, mama, Said do that rag Oh, rag Rag Rag, baby Said do that rag Oh, rag Oh, rag, baby Rag, mama Said do that rag Oh, rag Oh, rag, baby Rag, mama Said do that rag Now rag, baby Oh, rag Oh, rag Rag, mama Said do that rag Said my gal hollered murder I ain't raised my hand Pistol in my pocket, blackjack in my hand Took my gal under the willow tree Ought to hear her hollering, "Don't murder me!

    If you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does not support the audio element I think I'm going back down South where the weather suits my clothes. He punctuates his singing with exclamations of "amen" and "oh yes.

    It is my intention to do a fifth episode in the near future, although for the time being I am busy acting in the Capital Repertory Theatre production of To Kill A Mockingbird. As soon as I have more time, you can rest assured that I will do a new episode of the podcast. Also available on iTunes! Subscribe today so you don't miss a single episode. It's free and it doesn't hurt.

    Who can ask for more? Where Dead Voices Gather: Using today's technology to promote yesterday's music! Download and listen to Rev.

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