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The witty dialogue I associate with this author was there. The loved the characters. Sexy and fun read that I would highly recommend. The Fall by Kate Sherwood is that story for me. Audiobook available at Audible. Things were confusing enough before the revolution, when Adam Challoner was a rich idealist and Remy Stone a jaded prostitute.

After months of fighting, Adam has risen to become the leader of the continent. But without a fight, without a purpose, Remy scrambles to find his place in the freedom of the postrevolution world. In his new role as bodyguard, Remy keeps his distance, but neither he nor Adam can ignore the connection between them. For them to be together, Remy needs to free himself from the damage inflicted by his past, and Adam has to fight through the restrictions of his present. But as the political situation deteriorates, Adam and Remy once again find themselves fighting for their lives—and for each other.

Available wherever you buy e-books, including Dreamspinner Press , Amazon. Living with that knowledge is uncomfortable to say the least. When Adam meets Remy Stone, his discomfort becomes intolerable. Unforeseen circumstances force them apart, then throw them back together.

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And just as they discover new reasons to live, they realize some things are worth dying for. Poor Little Rich Boy. Nick Colton was a spoiled rich kid when he ran away from Seattle, leaving his best friend and lover Alex Diaz behind.

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And the more time they spend together, the more Alex realizes that his own attraction to Nick is far from resolved. Nick is bent on revenge, Alex is trying to maintain his straight and conservative lifestyle, but neither of them can forget what they used to have and what they might, someday, be able to have again. Available from Amazon , Smashwords , and wherever else fine Romances are sold. Beneath the Surface from Dreamspinner Press.

He just never expected the problem to be Caleb Sinclair, the passionate but introverted artisan carpenter who lives next to the proposed quarry site. Condit and Friends Book Reviews. Also available in translation, as below:. Of Dark and Bright from Dreamspinner Press. Jeff, Evan, and Dan have been living happily together for the past two years.

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With emotions and family ties pulling them in different directions, the threesome have to hold together—or the people they love may tear them apart. Shying Away from Dreamspinner Press.

Quinn, however, has apparently decided to make an exception to his usual open-bed policy. The humor that intersperses the heavy moments makes the story work. Lost Treasure from Dreamspinner Press.

Kyle spent his summers in Wetlake as a child, and now he has the chance to renew his acquaintance with some old friends, including Ryan Summers, before going home to Chicago. But when Kyle tries to pressure Ryan into a business decision, their renewed friendship—and any possible attraction—is almost immediately on the rocks. The secondary characters are also well written and add much to the enjoyment of the story.

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Even the cat was given a distinctive personality that I found amusing. Available as an e-book or paperback from Dreamspiner Press, Amazon , or wherever fine romances are sold on-line. Out of the Darkness from Dreamspinner. He knows that it hurts to be together—he needs to decide whether it would hurt even more to be apart. I highly recommend both it and Dark Horse. Sherwood has firmly established herself as one of my favorite authors, and I cannot wait to read her next novel. Available as an e-book or paperback from Dreamspinner Press, Amazon , or wherever fine romances are sold online.

Dark Horse from Dreamspinner Press.

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Dan thinks about just driving, leaving the whole mess behind. Taking off is what he used to do when things got to be too much, and it worked pretty well, really. Is Dan strong enough to take a chance on new love, or would it be better—safer—for him to be alone? Sherwood does a simply superb job of developing all of the characters, but I was utterly amazed at how well she captures Dan. I was so totally in tune with his character that I felt his every emotion, agonized over every decision, and celebrated every triumph with him.

Here is a piece of information that professional writers spend 10, hours of their lives figuring out. After thousands of years of storytelling, the beginning, the middle and the end for a long form Archplot or Miniplot story breaks down as follows:. I have a theory about why Stories break down like this. My next post will throw it out there.

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So, if you are writing a ,word novel, the beginning will generally be 25, words, the middle will generally be 50, words and the end will be the last 25, words. Nerds like me have noticed that typically, in contemporary commercial fiction, scenes run between and words. Remember that a scene creates a clear value change in the life of a character through conflict. I also recommend that you treat your scenes like chapters. That is, each scene should be a chapter in your novel. Whereas, if you cram five scenes into a chapter that ends up being forty pages, the bedside reader will have a much easier time of just setting the book down before beginning the long slog through seven five hundred words.

You can accomplish quite a bit in words and if you successfully leave out the stuff that the reader does not need explained to them, words can often be way too much. From our earlier beginning, middle and end discussion, we know that 15 of those 50 scenes are already spoken for. You are an artist and this mathematical manipulation is probably rubbing you the wrong way. I get it. But remember, the math is just a way to break down an extremely intimidating task into doable units. So we have 35 scenes left.

You can now see the entire form of your novel without having written a single word. But let me emphasize again that you may end up with 6 scenes for the beginning, 30 for the middle and 14 for the end or the other way around. We are merely trying to map out a course of work for us to bang out a first draft.

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The major social changes from the outside that he describes have moved on his life and led to rigidity [he thinks that the talkie cinema, for example, will make novels redundant]. However, there is another type of cracking at the micro level, more subtle and supple, and this can arise [behind your back], even when things seem to be going well.

One clear and noticeable example is the effects of ageing which creep up on you and affect yourself and your desires, and make you unable to engage in moments of intensity. These effects are not so perceptible and not clearly directional: they take place 'in the immanence of a rhizome' rather than as something 'determined by the transcendence of a tree'.